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Our Offices

Oregon Office (Home Office)
Physical Address:
1303 NE 7th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Mailing Address:
305 NE 6th Street, #743
Grants Pass, OR97526
PH: 541-471-4214
FAX 541-476-8465

California Office
Physical Address:

1145 Lehner Drive
Escondido, CA 92026
PH: 530-605-2597

Arizona Office
Physical Address:

10627 E Northern Crest Drive
Tucson, AZ 85748
Ph: (520) 232-2502
Fax: (520) 432-0171

Hotline: 888-NO-DUMPING

Our Policy

The Issue

Human impact on the environment... specifically, illegal dumping. The rate of trash being dumped in Forest and BLM Land is increasing exponentially due to many factors, including the sagging economy and the lack of personal accountability to care for our environment.   The negative effects on our Eco-systems from illegal dumping are numerous..

Who Is Affected?

The entire planet is affected by illegal dumping.  But let's start with wildlife...

Animals in their natural environment are hungry, curious creatures.  They are attracted to dump sites by the smell of food (and other, less appetizing items such as soiled diapers).  While rummaging through human trash, animals can be exposed to many hazardous objects and contaminants, sometimes causing illness and/or death.  Unfortunately, even something as little as a milk jug ring can be harmful to animals.

How Is Our Eco-System Affected?

When it rains, toxins from illegally dumped garbage containing oil, gas, battery acid, lead, etc. either flow into the streams and rivers from surface run-off or seep into the ground, infiltrating the water table.  Wildlife, farm animals, crops and humans are all affected by tainted water supplies.


What Is Clean Forest Doing About It?

With the help of our army of volunteers, Clean Forest Project has taken on the task of removing garbage and hazardous waste from forests, deserts, and beaches to restore our fragile watersheds and eco-systems.  Since 2007 Clean Forest Project has removed over 680,000 pounds of illegally dumped trash from our beautiful public lands.   Clean Forest Project operates in many states, and is taking our mission nation-wide.

But that's not enough... we need to ensure that the next generation embraces their responsibility of good stewardship to save the earth.  For that reason we have developed environmental education programs to actively engage youth (from pre-school to high school) in learning about the human impact on the environment, and the "Three R's" : Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!


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